Children's parties are fun at Tickety-Boo - Tickety Boo Cafe
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Children’s parties are fun at Tickety-Boo

Children's party room

Children’s parties are fun at Tickety-Boo

Since we opened in August, we have hosted a number of children’s parties in our dedicated party room.

We were delighted to receive a card from mum Esther thanking us for helping with her son Zachary’s birthday party.

Esther wrote:

“Nothing was too much trouble for you, and you were so helpful and cheerful. The food was great too, an extra special touch that the food was made from scratch (in particular the delicious chicken nuggets!) and not frozen out of a packet.”

“We love the party room, the murals are fantastic and means that it is not necessary to spend extra on decorations. A big help that you decorate the tables too.”

It’s always lovely to receive such wonderful feedback and we are pleased that the party went well. It was also great to hear that the food was enjoyed – Tickety-Boo only provides freshly made food cooked on the premises using local ingredients where possible, so there really won’t be deep fried nuggets available.

If you are thinking of booking a children’s party at Tickety-Boo please get in contact soon, as we are receiving lots of enquiries at the moment.

Thanks again Esther, we hope you book another party next year!

Thank you card