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Elf charity news!

ELF banner

Elf charity news!

We’ve had some brilliant news from our charity of the year, Exeter Leukaemia Fund (ELF) who popped in recently for a catch up and to empty our collecting can.

Thanks to our generous customers we have so far raised just under £114. And that isn’t counting the spinner in the upstairs buggy park.

Please continue to add your spare change to the new collecting can by the till. And keep an eye out for our Christmas hamper competition which is our next fundraiser for ELF.

We have agreed with ELF that our fundraising is used to support counsellors, who often support children whose parents are on the Yarty Ward.

The ELF Counsellors support both patients and hospital staff on the Yarty Ward.

Patients and families can receive counselling sessions which last around an hour but can take longer if a couple or siblings. The numbers of visits varies for each patient depended on the support they need. It can be a one off meeting or extended structured support. The average number of session per patient is 4-8.

 The counsellors also facilitate two groups a month. One being Health & Wellbeing where new patients can attend for support and advice from other patients as well as the wards Clinical Nurse Specialist.

The second is the Haematology support group, this is more a social group where patients support each other in a social setting.

 The main areas the counsellors are providing support is with worries about dying, treatment, side effects, wellbeing, family, finances, end of life, coping, work and relationships.

Keep donating!