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Kilimanjaro or Bust!

Kilimanjaro or Bust!

Our very own Stuart Phillips has got together with JP Williams from the Lamb and Flag to scale the heights of Kilimanjaro next year and raise funds for three charities close to their hearts.

Stuart and JP are asking family, friends and the local community to dig deep to help them to reach their ambitious target.

The challenge began as a joke one night in the Lamb and Flag, with a mock contract drawn up by another customer in the pub. Next thing they knew, they’d booked their place on the trek – which starts on January 27.

The money they raise will be split between the three charities, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Lullaby Trust and Exmouth-based Pete’s Dragons. The pair have personal connections with each of the charities. JP lost a sister to cot death. He says “The Lullaby Trust is raising awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), as well as offering emotional support to families who have suffered bereavement. When I was child there was no support and I wasn’t able to grieve properly.”

Stuart chose Cystic Fibrosis Trust after wife Becky suggested the charity. “My daughter’s best friend has cystic fibrosis; I knew she had it but until recently I didn’t understand just how tragic the condition is.”

The third charity to benefit will be Pete’s Dragons. The charity provides support for those living through the suicide of a loved one.

The dynamic duo are taking the Lemosho Route, one of the longer routes for the climb, which takes eight days. They will be facing four challenging climates along the way; tropical forest, a lunar type landscape of the Shira plateau, desert conditions and finally the cold of the mountain as they climb to the summit. Temperatures will range from 30 degrees to minus 22 degrees over the eight-day trek.

Will they be successful?

“Well,” sayd JP, “we may not be the fittest pair in the world, but we’ve both lost weight in preparation and we’re training regularly to build up strength and stamina. If anything gets us it will be altitude sickness. But come hell or high water we believe we will make the top.”

Donations can be made via Just Giving: Stuart and JP are also looking for corporate sponsors to boost their fundraising total and say that if any local business would like to support them, they can get in touch by emailing

Everyone at Tickety-Boo would like to wish them luck with their fundraising – and their trek!